ABOUT Brenda

Owner Brenda Mickens is Lead Designer and Stylist.

In her youth, she was attracted to vibrant colors and beautiful patterns of African Attire displayed in 1970’s media. She learned to sew at an early age and received her first sewing machine at 12. Throughout high school, Brenda made many of her outfits complete with head wrap and jewelry.

As an adult, Brenda began to acquire Authentic Africa-made pieces through relatives and friends who traveled to Kenya and Ghana. She soon realized, however, locally finding quality Africa Fashion outside of Black History Month was a challenge!

Out of Frustration and Disappointment was born Brenda Dezigns, LLC. We CONSISTENTLY provide Quality Africa-made Fashion, Fabric and Gifts ALL YEAR for our Clients. We offer them Freedom to Culturally Express themselves ON THEIR OWN TERMS. Our clients experience Pride in heritage and in knowing they are globally supporting Ethical Sustainable Communities. We are so Grateful to have YOU on this Journey with Us!

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